Crop Over Bootilicious Soca Party vol 1

© 2006 Phattsoundz Records

CROP OVER BOOTILICIOUS SOCA PARTY is the ultimate soca/calypso cd.  This album contains soca artist from Barbados & Bajan New Yorkers (bajanyankees).  MASH IT UP & COME & TEK IT sung by the new comer with a fantastic voice ABENA is definitely a party favorite.  The energetic STEELY returns with KICKS & BITES, BRING IT BACK & GET BAD SO.  Kevin showed his versatility as he collaborates with the TECHNIC BAND to do BREK IT OFF & DE PLACE MAD.  ANDY HEWITT also of TECHNIC BAND slows the pace down with GO DOWN DE ROAD; this is definitely one to chip too.  For the lovers of old school kaiso, TYRONE GREAVES will humor you with his HAVE a HIT & MAIDEN OVER, you can interpret them how ever you want too it’s all up to you.  DOUBLE XPLOJUN the young energetic band out of Barbados is also featured on this CD.  DONELLA with her NOT TAKING DAT clearly demonstrate that woman aren’t taking nonsense in 2006.


     1. Mash It Up - Abena

     2. Get Bad So -Steely

     3. Jump For Crop Over - Lee Grant

     4. Go Down De Road - Technic Band

     5. Shake - Georgie

     6. De Place Mad - Technic Band

     7. Kicks & Bites - Steely

     8. Not Taking Dat - Donella

     9. Come & Tek It - Abena

    10. Brek It Off - Technic Band

    11. Bring it Back - Steely

    12. Have Fun - EverBless

    13. Carnival Again - Rusty & Double Xplojun

    14. Have a Hit - Tyrone Greaves

    15. Big Black Van - Lee Grant

    16. Maiden Over - Tyrone Greaves

    17. Foreday Morning - Technic Band